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Delray Beach

After getting the run around by my insurance company, I decided to hire the experts at Property Loss Consultants. Right away they took control of the claim and was on top of the issues at hand. In the end, I got paid for ALL my damages and received much more than I anticipated.


Lynn Haven

After my insurance company refused to award a fair amount for the damages sustained to my house, a colleague referred me to Property Loss Consultants. The company’s step-by-step open communication policy was exceptional in keeping me informed of the claim’s on-going progress. I am thrilled to say the award received was more than I expected to repair the damages to my home. The company's service was professional and par excellence; therefore, it is without reservation that I wholeheartedly recommend Property Loss Consultants

Bruce Pontner

Pompano Beach

After being frustrated with my insurance company I hired a public adjustor to plead my case. After jerking me around for about 4 months I fired him and asked around for some recommendations. I was very lucky to get Robert Cote's name at Property Loss Consultants and hired him on the spot. I had a very good feeling that this company would look after my interests. It did not take long to see I was correct in my initial opinion of Property Loss consultants, within a few weeks the insurance company was paying attention to me. Property Loss Consultants was able to recover the entire amount due to me. I can say unequivocally that without the help and guidance of PLC I would have never recovered the entire amount of the claim. Thank you for all your help. Please feel free to give my contact info to anyone that might want to know more about your company.


Palm Beach

Property Loss Consultants not only saved me time and aggrevation but I received so much more than I expected.


Fort Lauderdale

I was unhappy with the insurance company's initial offer until I hired the services of Property Loss Consultants. They were able to increase the amount by more than two times the initial offering, and recommended reputable contractor services to restore my home quickly.



One of the best decisions we have ever made was to hire Property Loss Consultants. Not only did we get a fair settlement, we were treated with respect, understanding, and compassion, since this was a very stressful situation for us. We will always be grateful for their dedication for our welfare. We highly recommend them without any reservation.